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I'm an incorrigible optimist, yet a pessimist. I'm a realist, yet an idealist. I'm a dreamer, yet very practical. I'm very liberal, yet very religious. I'm an open person, yet don't share much with anyone. I love people, yet am solitary by nature. I'm too giving, yet too demanding. I'm quite broad-minded, yet very stubborn. I'm as good a listener as bad a talker.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Night Excites Me!

The night makes me sad.... and makes me think.... and dream and fly.... It gives me a wild imagination.... and bizarre thoughts.... a wandering mind.... and a craving to write....

Alas! I've been too busy lately to write anything. But here's something I wrote earlier this year. A lot of my writings revolve around the night ....or darkness.


In the dead of the night
When silence creeps in
And shadows speak loud
When the murmur of the heart
Slows down to a whisper
And the heat of mingling bodies
Shots up a notch

It's then the play starts
The game of passion
Of unsatiated thirsts
And of unfulfilled cravings

We all yearn to quench it
To lean forward and put a stop
To the mortal uncertainties
But we lie there unable to move
Waiting and glaring to see
The dawning of youth

Suddenly we're old
Like leaf from a fallen tree
We see, but can't see
We hear the songs
Of birds long gone
The humming of yesteryears

It runs on and long
Will it ever end?
Will there be oblivion?
Or will we end in ecstasy?

I Miss My Li'l Angel!

It's been 3 days I haven't seen my lovely niece Michelle. Seen over the webcam, that is. Haven't been able to see her in real yet as she lives in NJ and me in Isloo :-(

She's now 51 days old Masha Allah. For the past 2 days she's got a cold (may be coz of the changing weather). Poor thing has a stuffy nose. I hope and pray she gets well soon.

In the picture below she's exactly 1-month old. So responsive, Masha Allah :-)

Smiling while lying on her tummy ;-)

Isn't she a doll? :-D

So my low of today has been not being able to see my Michelle sleeping in her swing.

High is of course the lovely weather. I get intoxicated by it ;-)

Winter has Arrived!

So cool and rainy outside. Seems like winters are finally here. Sitting here enjoying the view outside, feeling the cool breezes brush against my skin giving rise to a number of sensations .... such lovely weather makes me happy and sad at the same time. I want to keep staring at it in amazement, enchanted with the purity of nature, letting it rake in me emotions lying low. I let the winds play with me, filling me with renewed vigour and contentment that I'm able to revel in such blessings. Thank you God, for giving us such wonderful gifts!